Other Countries

(last update 2/4/14)

United Kingdom

Mike Fenton Belfry Cottage
Breinton Court
Lower Breinton
HR4 7 PG England
Phone: (01432) 360533 (from within the United Kingdom)
0 44 1432 360533 (from outside the UK)
E-mail: fen.lonesomedoveA@virgin.net
Rate: Variable. Available for group workshops at various times and venues (UK and USA) throughout the year. Contact Mike for further information. Mike may also be able to put interested individuals in the UK in touch with other autoharp teachers in their area.
Teaching Credits: Professional autoharp instructor, working largely in schools across the UK. Experienced in leading day workshops, concerts, weekend and week-long workshops - with young people and adults. Winner of the Winfield International Autoharp Championship, three times first place in the autoharp competition at the Galax, Inducted to the Autoharp Hall of Fame at the 1997 Mountain Laurel Autoharp Festival.
Bands or groups: Largely a solo performer (autoharp and voice, with other instruments including guitar, banjo, and jaw-harp), but has recorded with many other instrumentalists.

Nadine Stah White 2 Appleby Cottages
DG8 8DQ Scotland
Phone: (01988) 501077 - from within the UK
0 44 1988 501077 (from outside the UK)
E-mail: nadine@ifwtech.co.uk
Rate: Variable - introductory session may be free!
Teaching Credits: I have organised and led group workshops on the autoharp in the UK and USA, and have given many 'introduction to the autoharp sessions' over 35 years of playing the instrument. I am available for one-on-one sessions, or to lead small classes. My background is in education (I taught secondary school for 30 years).
Bands or groups: A wide range of 'pick-up' and informal music sessions, instrumental music and using the autoharp to accompany my singing.
Other: I am happy to act as a 'contact information point' for other autoharpers in the UK


Jean Paul Gripon PARIS, France
Phone: 33 (0) 1 45 43 62 49
E-mail: jeanpaul.gripon@wanadoo.fr
Rate: €uro : 10 / Heure
Teaching Credits: I'm not a teacher, just explain to handle and playing. master class for children at "la grange rouge 2005"
Bands or groups: Paris Bluegrass Band (P.B.B.), and alone
Other: Festival de Bourg St Léonard


Daniel Wolff Neidenbach/Eifel
Phone: dialed from within Germany 06563-8405. E-mail: vegiewolff@gmail.com
Rate: Vary depending on student's current skill level
Teaching Credits: BA Degree from Univ of Maryland
Bands or groups: WOLFF, Cross-fire, Swei
Notes: I've been performing with the autoharp since 1973. Musical styles I perform with the autoharp include folk-rock, sounds commonly found in Oregon.

New Zealand

Roger Frost Murchison, New Zealand
Phone: 03 523 9072 (work) 523 9371 (home) E-mail: rf.mas@xtra.co.nz
Rate: By mutual agreement!
Teaching Credits: PGCE (London)1966. 25 years teaching in NZ secondary schools
Bands or groups: Rural NewZ. A duo/trio dedicated to acoustic music with a rural flavour from NZ and beyond (including bluegrass, traditional country, and celtic)